SMART CURTAIN User Agreement and Terms (“the Agreement”) apply to SMART CURTAIN official website (www.SMART CURTAIN.com.my , hereafter “The Website”). The Website is owned and provided by Hi-Profile Achievement (M) SDN. BHD. By your registration, login, usage of the Services or other actions, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agreed to accept and be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
SMART CURTAIN Inc. reserves the right to modify, update or delete the terms of this Agreement at anytime, without additional notice to you. By your continued use of our website after some terms changed, you agree to accept and will be bound by the modified terms of this Agreement. If you comply with this User Agreement, you will be granted rights which is personal, non-exclusiveness, inalienable and limited for your login and use our website.

User Content
All information in the website, such as all the texts, diagrams, user interface, visible interface, pictures, brand, logo, audios, videos music, artwork and computer code, etc.(hereafter “the contents”), including but not limited to design, structure, option, collaboration, expression, facade of interface and order, are property owned solely by SMART CURTAIN Inc. or other obliges concerned .
In additional to the clearly stipulated by this Agreement, you shall not copy, reproduction, reprint, upload, relaunch, display, code, translate and transmit etc. any part of this website without a written approval of SMART CURTAIN Inc. in any manner (including “mirroring”).

Terms of Usage our service
You may visit the Website without registration. However, you need a SMART CURTAIN Account (hereafter “Account”) and provide personal information on the registration webpage in order to access more Services. You can delete or suspend your account under the instructions of the Website, and we will keep or delete your Account based on this Agreement.
You hereby commit and undertake the following:
You shall take full responsibilities for the authenticity, legality, accuracy and validity of your registration information; You shall also be responsible for updating any changes in your registration information to keep it up to date; You shall not post any information in the name of others; you shall not use registered accounts maliciously; otherwise, we reserve the right to suspend the Services and you shall fully bear all legal liability. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any claims or loss arising from your actions.
You shall use the Website and Services in accordance with all applicable laws and take all responsibility for activities under your registered Accounts, including your statements and any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly arise from your statements. You should estimate the risks of the content on your own and take all risks from it, including the risk that lies on the correctness, integrity or practicability of the content. SMART CURTAIN Inc. will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage that results from this behavior or activity.
You have the obligation to take good care of the registration information on the website and are responsible for all the activities. You must immediately notify SMART CURTAIN Inc., if you find any illegal or unauthorized activities. SMART CURTAIN Inc. will not be liable for damages or losses arising from a user’s non-compliance with any of the provision(s) above.
All your statements on the Website are public information that any third party has access to. Any statement posted on the Website will be deemed as public information, and user should bear legal liability for this action. If you do not want any third party to get your statements, please do not post them on the Site.
You shall also understand and hereby acknowledge the following:
The user accepts that in relation to business development, we may change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke the rights of our services at any time without notice.
We may include advertisements, etc. in our Services. You agree to the display of advertisements and other events from us or our related parties or cooperators while enjoying our Services.
We have the right to suspend, at our sole discretion or determination, any content that violates the laws and regulations in any jurisdiction or the terms of this Agreement; that infringes, prejudices, threatens any right or safety; or that impersonates others. We also retain the right to take proper legal actions, including but not limited to removing any illegal or infringing content, suspending the qualification of violators and saving relative information and reporting to relevant authorities based on the applicable laws and regulations.
When you shop on the Website, you can’t modify any of the following information for maintaining the account’s safety: your name, address and phone number. If you need any help, please call customer service.
You have the right to change and remove personal information, registered information, and any content posted.
You are responsible for the safety of your Account information and password, and should bear legal liability for activities under registered Accounts. You agree not to use the passwords and Accounts of others under any circumstances. You agree to immediately notify SMART CURTAIN once you suspect others using your password or Account.

Third Party
All links used in the Website are merely as a convenience. SMART CURTAIN Inc. is not responsible for any contents, information, services data, opinions made on third-party Website. You thus bear legal liability for the risks of such interaction.

Disclaimer of Warranty
SMART CURTAIN is committed our self to provide safe, stable and excellent service to user. However, we do not promise that the website or the contents, service and function in the website without any mistake or interruption. All information in the website can be updated by SMART CURTAIN without notification. Any circumstances caused by suspension, breakdown and so on that result from the hacking, virus invasion, blockings due to illegal and harassing content, government control or any other reasons related to network, technique, communication line and information security management; The Website or SMART CURTAIN products and services expressively declare that we do not guarantee accuracy, non-infringement, marketability and applicability of the Services expressly, impliedly or in other forms. Cause losses to the users because of third-party, SMART CURTAIN Inc. will not bear any legal liability. If you are not satisfied to the website or the contents of the website, you can stop using them.
SMART CURTAIN Inc. reserves the rights to do as follows without any notification:
Modify, suspend or terminate the running of the Website or part of the website based on any reasons.
Modify or update the policy or terms in the website.
Suspend running the website or part of contents in the website, once Periodic or non-periodic maintenance, error recovery or other updating in the website.

You agree to bear any lawsuit, complaint, loss, damage, responsibility, cost and fees (including but not limited to counsel fees) from any third party caused by the use of the website or Services, your violation of this Agreement. you thus compensate all losses to SMART CURTAIN Inc. and all members concerned.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any action, proceeding, dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this website or this Agreement shall be governed by the law of People’s Republic of China.
Any dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to this website or this Agreement which cannot be settled amicably shall be subject to jurisdiction of the local courts of the city where SMART CURTAIN Inc. is headquartered.

Additional Terms
If some provisions of this Agreement cannot be applied for some reasons, they will be revised to apply legally, and other provisions remain applicable.